Yard Services

Three Belles Marina is a full-service facility offering extensive yard services to make sure your boat is in optimal condition.

Haul and Launch

Our yard crew is ready to help haul and launch your vessels. Equipped with a Travel Lift as well as a Taylor Fork Truck, we can transport any vessel up to 25 tons. Our crew provides valet services every day of the week in season.

Power Washing

Three Belles marina encourages every boater to have their boat professionally power washed to remove stubborn marine growth to ensure better performance of your vessel.  Our yard crew offers haul and power washing at various times throughout the season to make sure your boat is not only looking great, but also to help remove any build up that may be hindering your boats performance.

Bottom Painting

Nothing hurts your vessels performance in the water like aquatic build up.  Bottom paint is a necessity for many boaters, especially those who keep their boats in the water.  Our yard crew is well versed in both the removal and application of bottom paint on any vessel.  We start by sanding as needed, clean and inspect the area, and then we apply a fresh coat of antifouling ablative bottom paint.


Nothing makes your boat stand out from the crowd more than a fresh wash and wax.  Our yard crew offers washing, waxing, and compounding services to our customers.

Fiberglass and Gel Coat

Spider cracks and knicks in your Gel Coat are often tell-tale signs of a boat that has seen some really great use. Our yard crew can inspect and repair many different portions of your vessel as your season continues.